About The Book

Essentials of Death Reporting and Death Certification-Practical Applications for the Clinical Practitioner is created especially for those in clinical practice who will inevitably experience the death of a patient. This text will fill the gap of knowledge pertaining to death reporting and death certification while highlighting the vital link between the practice of clinical medicine and the practice of forensic pathology. As an essential component to the comprehensive care of the patient, this guide will also serve as an indispensable tool for medical educators and aid clinicians in fulfilling continuing educational requirements. Non-clinical health professionals and those working in the insurance and legal fields will find this guide to be useful as a point of reference for understanding the importance and impact of the death certificate.

Upon reading this text, the Practitioner will acquire the ability to:

  • Recognize deaths reportable to the Medical Examiner or Coroner
  • Execute reporting deaths to the Medical Examiner or Coroner
  • Identify disease and disease mechanisms with lethal potential
  • Correlate autopsy findings with clinical history and presentation
  • Formulate a proper medical cause-of-death statement
  • Understand the role of the Forensic Pathologist as an agent to the optimization of public health

Individuals who will especially benefit from the information contained within this text are:

  • Physicians and residents in the primary care specialties
  • Hospital pathologists and pathology residents
  • Residency Program Directors
  • Specialty Board Examination Committee Members
  • Medical students
  • Physician Assistants and affiliated students
  • Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and affiliated students
  • Hospice, rehabilitation, and nursing home medical professionals
  • Healthcare researchers and policy makers
  • Local governments
  • Medical first responders
  • Medicolegal Death Investigators
  • Insurance agents
  • Attorneys

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